Three things property investors always stress about, because you rarely get them. With Rent Fremantle you’ll get all that and more. As Fremantle’s only dedicated property management specialist we’re able to focus all our energy into satisfying the needs of our


We do it with an integrated management system that seamlessly links well trained people with a well designed leasing process. We find tenants, get them in quick, and keep them happy. We’re proud to not only protect your investment, but also make it profitable and painless.




We understand that empty homes cost you money. We have a very effective way to fill them fast that’s not just empty talk. We maintain and update a healthy list of tenants who are actively looking for properties like yours. This means no shortcuts to our standard, diligent security screening. Their security and rental history checks are already done. Their details are already in our database. They’re ready to go. As new properties become available we email them the details, arrange inspections immediately, and get the deal done quick. It’s something our competitors can’t match, it’s something that changes the game for tenants and owners. If you want to join our wait-list, click here.


The industry standard is to advertise online to let everyone know a property is available. And it works! Most of the time. But what about when the market is a bit slow? Are you happy to put your trust in a generic marketing plan, run by a kid with 300 other properties on her list? We want offer you something a bit more innovative? We certainly use all the typical industry web platforms like & It’s a fundamental strategy. You can even do it pretty well yourself, without paying an agent!

But we don’t stop there. We maintain a well-known and highly ranked website that prospective new tenants find fast. If they’re looking to rent in the Fremantle area, they’ll find us. We also offer some add-ons that will make your property stand out. Things like pro photography, videography and copywriting. You can even use our new drone video for a point of difference. Find out more here. And we have our wait-list, which gives you and us a powerful marketing advantage.


As your Fremantle property marketing specialist, we’re constantly tweaking our process to make it faster and easier for tenants to make their move into the local area. Top of our list is giving them fast access to view your property. We do NOT keep people waiting because we’re too busy with more important things. When we get an applicant, we drop what we’re doing and let them take a look. Because we live in Fremantle, we’re usually only minutes away. Once we find the right tenants, our leasing admin is designed to get tenants in fast. Particularly with our wait-listed tenants, by the time the bond and front rent is in the bank, we’re ready to hand over the keys.



We know that it’s better to have an empty home than a bad tenant. So finding you high quality, reliable tenants is a top priority for us. We screen our applicants in four different ways. Firstly, and using the industry standard, we check the national tenancy database to identify any previous problem tenancies. Next we do comprehensive credit checks. Then we call previous landlords to get a personal feel for the qualities of applicants. And finally we do criminal background checks to find any obvious warning signs.

Only after these comprehensive checks have been made do applicants become eligible to be considered for tenancies. Pre-tenancy checks are important, but we don’t stop there. Once a tenancy begins, we ensure tenants are adhering strictly to the agreement. Not only with regards to property damage and rent payments, but also with sub-letting.

We’ll protect you at all times from the risks of tenants allowing people not included in the agreement to live at your property. Rental payments are closely monitored to ensure prompt payment at all times. We’re well prepared to breach and even commence the eviction process immediately, if we discover your lease agreement has been breached in any way.



We know that poor communication is what gives this industry a bad name. We chose to specialize in property management to prove it can be done better. We train our people to keep you informed. Unlike big franchises where the boss is too busy selling houses to worry about what his property managers are doing, Tara, our founder and principal, is primarily concerned with keeping her owners happy. Being up-front about everything we do for you is the best way we know to keep you happy.

Equally importantly, we know part of the problem is the high turnover of staff in the industry. Which we’ve addressed by recruiting a small team of committed and motivated real estate specialists with a stake in growing our business. So you can forget the new manager merry-go-round. Forget having to explain everything to a stranger each time you call. Tara directly oversees management of each of our properties, so you can pretty much forget needing to call at all. Whenever there’s something you need to know, we’ll call you first.

We have a planned management system in place that puts a priority on keeping you fully informed, but if you ever need a specific update, you can speak directly to the boss. You will not be forgotten once we’ve leased your property.

We’re firm on the importance of thorough inspections, and cut no corners. We guarantee regular and thorough inspections, and back that up with comprehensive reports delivered immediately to you and your tenants by email. We train our people to look for the things that owners care about. They look hard. And they take photos so you can see what we see. We cross-reference our reports so we can see potential issues, and will talk to you about any concerns over the phone.

Towards the end of the lease we’ll commence negotiating on your behalf to retain your tenants, and we’ll be in close communication with you through the whole process. If they choose to move on we’ll help them prepare to vacate with checklists that we’ll follow up on as the vacancy date approaches. We’ll give them clear information about the requirements for leaving the property in a good condition so there’s plenty of time to address any repair or maintenance issues. This reduces the potential for bond disputes, and allows the property to be ready for new tenants immediately the lease expires.


We’re able to offer you service like this because we’re a small, independent business with a very narrow focus. Our property list is kept to strictly limited numbers to help us maintain our quality service guarantee. Unlike our big-name associates in franchise world, our small list and small team allows us to control our properties closely, and keep our owners fully informed as each lease unfolds.

We’re dedicated to management. We have no sales team. We don’t have a finance division. Nothing to distract us from managing your property. We know our clients personally, and we guarantee a personal service that the big players just can’t match. Our clients love that we’re small, that we’re professional, that we listen, that we act quickly. You can see what they say about us here.

If you’ve had enough of being neglected or ignored, if you’re fed up with long vacancies or bad tenants, call today! You won’t believe how easy it is to get out of your existing contract and get yourself a stress-free management deal!   And if you have a friend who complains about their rental properties, for a limited time we’re offering $300 worth of his and hers gift vouchers for all referred business. Call now to claim yours!




Tara’s commitment to and demonstration of the values of integrity, performance and transparency are significant. She carries through on her commitments and is unfailingly energetic and ethical with her clients. I would have no hesitation with recommending her services to any potential real estate client.

Michael Pascoe


Thorough & professional – brilliant service all the way!

G. Rawlings


My dedicated property manager is ALWAYS readily available and cooperative, should I need her assistance. We feel confident knowing Tara-Lee is the only property manager looking after our properties, and my tenant’s tenancy needs are met to a high standard in a very demanding and competitive environment.

After using large companies to manage our properties we would never look back after finding our independent property manager Tara-Lee. We highly recommend Tara-Lee to anyone who is looking for an affordable outstanding property management service.

Many thanks!

Sonia Chacko

Property Investor, Chacko Varkey Property investors


I’ve had many Property Managers from large Real Estate companies handling my property portfolios, and to my disappointment, found that they are not giving me the personalised service that I looked for. After my ‘discovery’of Taralee, I found that my property “woes” seem solved to a very large degree. She is a very pleasant personality and seem to comprehend your property needs extremely well. Tara is very approachable and she is the type of person who is prepared to take that extra step.

In this very difficult property market, she has managed to find tenants for my properties in East Perth and Highgate on very acceptable terms. I will not hesitate to recommend her to any prospective Landlords who would want to take a heavy load off their shoulders.

John Ang

Property Investor