What does a good property manager do for their money? Well they learn from their experience, that’s for sure. Our experience comes from working for big agencies that took money from their clients and did very little for it. Of phone calls from frustrated owners, furious about badly damaged properties, or worried that their tenants never renewed leases.

It was the motivation for a new style of property management agency dedicated to the old-fashioned version of service. A business centred on satisfying the needs and removing the concerns of our clients. A business where you’re fully informed about what we do. And that you can check, and be sure, that we do it well.

Everything in our management system is designed towards efficiency and transparency. You won’t only have open access to all documented information about the management of your property. We’ll tell you everything you want to know, as soon as we know it. If there are any changes, maintenance needs, damages, or other concerns, you’ll be notified immediately.

We want to prove that we provide industry-best service and value to our customers. So we proudly offer our quality service guarantee, and the following, comprehensive fees list.




  • Making your property shine online. We don’t follow the standard industry marketing monologue. Our listings are written with a focus on how your property will make life better for your tenants.
  • Finding you great tenants. With our attention to marketing details, and through our tenant waiting list and exhaustive screening process, we’ll get you reliable tenants, and we’ll get them quick.
  • Lease control & renewals. We don’t just do documents. We start working on lease renewals from day one. We give your tenants the best service and the smoothest management style they’ve ever had, throughout the tenancy. One of our highest priority jobs is to give tenants no reason to leave.
  • Property Condition Reports. The most important document to defend your investment. We go from top to bottom, inside and out through every inch of your property, detail everything exhaustively, and back it up with a huge volume of digital images. You and your tenants will get copies of everything.
  • Routine Inspections. When we say thorough, we mean it. Our inspectors are trained to look for not only recent negligent damage, but all the regular maintenance and hidden trouble spots that cause problems at the end of a tenancy. You’ll get a full written report every time, supported by a photographic portfolio and recommendations for any necessary maintenance or repairs.
  • Postage costs. These days we’re mostly digital, but when we’re not, these costs are included in our flat rate.
  • Advertising Expenses. Our basic advertising/marketing package includes listing your site on all major real estate web portals, with a selection of the best in-house photos we can get. If you want to go harder with your marketing you can choose from our higher level packages, listed here, or we can individually tailor something for you that suits you best.
  • Court Attendance. In the event that a tenancy doesn’t end well, we will handle any necessary court appearances on your behalf, and defend your rights and investment professionally through the process.
  • Meeting Attendance. You need to come in and speak to us? You’re welcome any time.
  • Statements. Your comprehensive statements will be delivered to you electronically every month. We also keep e-records if you lose yours.




  • Letting fee. When we find you a new tenant, our letting fee is the value of two weeks rent plus GST.
  • Our “FOR LEASE” signs, to stamp on your verge and begin the marketing process, are available for $110 (including GST).
  • Premium marketing. As mentioned above, we do offer higher level marketing options, which you can see here.

As a specialist management agency we do whatever we can to satisfy your needs. While this list covers the standard services we provide under our management authority contract, we’re more than happy to help you in any way we can. If there’s a particular service you’d like us to provide that you don’t see here, we’ll make it happen for you.

Need help finding a great gardener, or tradesmen to freshen your place up? Mortgage brokers, book-keepers or accountants? We know these guys, they’re the best local people. You can call Tara-Lee anytime, about anything we can do to help.


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Tara O'Connor

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