About Us

What Tara Lee Property bring to the table

We are pretty in pink, and considered “best in class”, at Tara Lee we are able to deliver high quality support that ticks all the boxes for delivering great services as a Boutique Real Estate agent.

Our promise is to leverage clients with first class, old-fashioned service but not at a first class price. We welcome sellers on low-cost budgets who require economical selling services. Tara appreciates working together to determine possible solutions to fit each individual budgets for our clients advantage.

We focus on intimate relationship involvement, based around accommodating one-on-one interaction.

reiwa-logo-copyTara Lee Property is a member of the Real Estate Institute of Western Australia, servicing Residential, Commercial, and Strata Property.

We are located in Hilton and visit areas within 30kms radius from our office base.

Tara-Lee O’Connor


A first point-of-contact for many, Tara Lee is the Principal and works directly with new clients to ensure each relationship starts on a solid footing. As a principal, Tara Lee works in day-to-day operations to help promote a healthy work environment in and around the office. With a strong background in personality and character, Tara carries a belief that the best part of any business should be how it seeks to develop and nurture the relationships with clients. In the Real-estate industry – where relationships are important, Tara looks for opportunities to add a personal touch and build positive connections to ensure a better understanding of clients needs and circumstance. Tara Lee is very approachable, and ensures you’re in good hands.

Email: tara@taraleeproperty.com.au

Phone: 6150 7436

Fax: 6150 7453

Mobile: 0405 106 672

Suzanne Morgan

Property Consultant

Suzanne is a small package that packs a large punch. With a variety of extensive skills in Realestate services starting out in commercial leasing, to residential property management and sales, Suzanne holds great solid experience. You can have faith and rely on Suzanne for all your Realestate needs.

Email: suzanne@taraleeproperty.com.au

Phone: 6150 7436

Mobile: 0418 950 379

Fax: 6150 7453

Sanjeev Gupta

Property Consultant

Sanjeev is an accomplished businessman & entrepreneur with an original background in Accounts, Finance, and Property Management. Combined with his passion for property & business, Sanjeev thrives on sourcing prime investment opportunities for his clients & finding property suitable for first home buyers in a community oriented neighbourhood. Sanjeev is skilled in many areas of General Business and is a passionate and dedicated entrepreneur who is always coming up with new ideas to help his clients. Why not give Sanjeev a call today!

Email: sanjeev@taraleeproperty.com.au

Phone: 6150 7436

Fax: 6150 7453

Mobile: coming soon